Dental implants are designed to closely duplicate the form and function of your natural teeth.  Dental implants look, feel, and function properly without affecting your bite, speech, or eating choices.  In other words, a dental implant is a replacement for the real thing!  For additional benefits, dental implants help preserve facial structure and prevent bone deterioration that occurs around a missing tooth.  Implants can also add stability to dentures and bridges.

At Van Haren Dentistry in Grand Rapids, we want to improve your quality of life.  If you are a candidate for a dental implant, Dr. Van Haren will work with you to create a comfortable and rewarding final result that is closer to your natural teeth than any alternative.   Call our Grand Rapids office today to schedule an appointment!

Learn more about dental implants and differences in dental implant services below:

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What is a dental implant?

A natural tooth consists of two parts: a crown and a root.  You see the crown when you smile and use it when you chew.  The root anchors the crown to the jaw bone.

A dental implant is a man-made replacement for a natural tooth that is designed to work like the real thing.  A dental implant has three parts: the implant, the abutment, and the crown.  Like the crown of a natural tooth, the crown of a dental implant serves a cosmetic purpose, is used for chewing, and helps maintain proper spacing among teeth.  Like the root of a natural tooth, the implant anchors the crown to the jaw bone.  Finally, the abutment is merely an intermediate piece for connecting the crown to the implant.

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What are the steps in a dental implant?

After Dr. Van Haren determines you are a candidate for a dental implant and designs a treatment plan, a surgeon working closely with Dr. Van Haren places an implant in your jaw to serve as an anchor for the dental implant.

Next, Dr. Van Haren and the surgeon allow time for the jaw to heal and strengthen around the implant site.  The healing phase typically ranges from three to nine months.   

After healing, Dr. Van Haren creates the implant crown starting with impressions and measurements of your surrounding teeth and gums to create a precisely designed implant crown to replace your original tooth crown.  The implant crown serves a cosmetic purpose for the rest of your life and must be precisely designed for the long-term health of surrounding teeth and gums as well as chewing function and comfort.  Accordingly, Dr. Van Haren and his staff go to great lengths to deliver the best possible result.  No detail is spared in materials, lab, scientific techniques, and level of care and skill.

For decades, dentures have been the “go to” option for patients that lose their natural teeth.  Dentures allow patients that lose their natural teeth to smile and eat again, but with limitations.  Implant supported or assisted dentures (implant dentures) have many benefits, and have been shown in studies to greatly improve quality of life.  Unlike regular dentures, implant dentures are anchored to, or assisted by, implants, which allows significantly improved comfort, cosmetic appeal, and chewing ability.  In fact, an implant denture often allows patients to chew as naturally as they could with natural teeth.

If you think implant dentures could be a good option for you, call Van Haren Dentistry in Grand Rapids for a consult with Dr. Van Haren.

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