Van Haren Dentistry will diagnose and treat temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ or TMD) if you are experiencing pain in the face and jaw, migraine headaches, or other problems related to the bite or jaw.  There are a number of treatments available that can help bite and jaw problems. Because TMJ varies in cause and severity from case to case, your first step is a TMJ consult with TMJ dentist Ryan Van Haren at his Grand Rapids dental office to properly diagnose the problem.

Dr. Van Haren has a conservative TMJ treatment philosophy among TMJ dentists.  Dr. Van Haren first explores the simplest solutions then progresses to more complex dental treatment options for TMD only as necessary.  For some patients, simple solutions make a world of difference.  For others, more advanced dental treatment is required for desired results.  Finally, Dr. Van Haren recommends other healthcare providers in the Grand Rapids area when the source of the TMJ problem is better treated by a non-dental professional.  In all cases, our goal is to deliver the best result with the least amount of treatment.

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